HOW MUCH ARE YOUR BALLOON ARCHES? How much are your balloon arches, or do you do balloon arches are the most common questions I get asked when someone calls or messages me. It is also a really good question to answer as there are lots of different types of balloon arches to choose from and […]

Big Balloon Build

Ballroom scene

Last week I had the absolute honour to be chosen to work on an amazing project that used 115000 balloons and 50  other world class balloon artists. I very rarely brag about my achievements in the balloon industry I prefer to let my work do the talking but not this time as it was an […]

How Much Are Your Balloon Arches?

This question about how much balloon arches are is perhaps one of the most asked questions to my balloon business. It is important to take into account the style of the balloon arch, how big the arch is, where it is going to be located (inside or outside) and the actual installation including the time […]

Planning A Wedding?

Giant Balloons

We know how stressful it can be to plan the perfect day, you have had planned in your head since you were 7 years old. Heck, you may even have a scrapbook full of ideas that you have been collecting. I understand this and have 29 years of experience helping people have the very best […]

Looking for a Balloon Bargain?

Everybody is looking for a bargain these days and with YouTube and good old google, everyone is also an expert. I will admit looking up on YouTube how to lace my running shoes properly as I was getting blisters when I went on my long runs ???? What’s this got to do with balloons though […]

Marshmallows and Cream or a Styrofoam cup of Hot Chocolate?

Strange question I know but its really important when you are looking for a Balloon Artist to help you create the Wow factor at your event. When you fancy a hot chocolate you have a lot of choices.You can go to a roadside food van & get pretty simple hot chocolate made with powdered chocolate […]

Covid-19 A response from Ultimate Balloon

CoVid19 I haven’t really gone into this on my Facebook or Instagram pages mainly because I like many of you, I am sure, have found it quite overwhelming. Before the lockdown, my business had already taken a massive hit as people were cancelling their parties and special events. I totally understand this and obviously support […]

Are your balloons Eco-Friendly?

Are your balloons Eco-Friendly? With the focus on the environment on peoples minds and rightly so I am often asked are your balloons ‘ eco-friendly’ The answer to that is yes and no. It depends on the type of balloon used in your decorations. The majority of my designs use 100% biodegradable latex balloons. Rubber […]

How much are your Balloons?

I understand that many people have never ordered balloons for a special occasion before and just want ‘some balloons’ As a professional for more than 28 years I understand this but I have to ask some questions to get the relevant information from you to be able to help you. Please don’t be offended its […]