Looking for a Balloon Bargain?

Everybody is looking for a bargain these days and with YouTube and good old google, everyone is also an expert.

I will admit looking up on YouTube how to lace my running shoes properly as I was getting blisters when I went on my long runs ????

What’s this got to do with balloons though I hear you cry?

Well lots and lots of videos and sites have popped up to show people how to ‘do balloons’ Whilst some are quite good it’s a lot harder than you think to create professional-looking balloon decor

Organic balloons have been the catalyst I think of this and by organic I mean the freestyle look of balloon design.

When organic balloon design is done well it looks quite stunning but to achieve this look you really need to be able to understand the fundamentals of design and how to inflate and look after balloons.

It’s a bit like cooking with Gordon Ramsey, you watch his videos buy all the ingredients, some you go to Lidl for as you can’t stretch to the top quality Waitrose or independent gourmet shop but hey steak is steak isn’t it?

You lay it all out on your working surface get your bargain-basement pans out and prepare to cook along.

Turning on the gas whoops the handle of the pan is so hot you can’t hold it, wait the onions have just burnt, blimey I didn’t expect the milk to boil over.

Let’s start again so you rewind the video and start again, and again but hey this time you’ve done it.

You’ve cooked the steak made the dauphinoise potatoes and wilted your spinach. You plonk it on your plate and …..wait it doesn’t look like Gordon’s.

His is on a beautiful big white platter, the steak is garnished with cherry tomatoes, the spinach is still firm and very green looking and there’s a perfect circle of dauphinoise potatoes.

You look down at yours, the steak is a bit burnt and ‘bled’ into the pile of dauphinoise potatoes giving them a rosy tinge and the spinach looks….well…

He makes it look so easy, it’s only spuds and steak after all.

What you didn’t factor in was his 30 years experience, his 18 Michelin Stars, the best palate in the world and an amazing team behind him…….oh and he only uses the finest ingredients in his dishes

This means that he produces world-class, amazing tasting food every time, you might pay more for this but if it’s for something very special then I wager you would pay for it.

This is similar to balloon design.

As professionals, we perfect our art.

We spend thousands of pounds on training courses, hours and hours practising until we get a design just right.

We also use the finest grade balloons you can buy.

These have the most vibrant and unusual colours and blends, we know how to ‘mix balloons’ to get that perfect colour that matches a company logo or bridesmaid dress for instance.

They are also very strong which means we can manipulate them into fantastic shapes that complement our designs and makes them truly unique.

We are also artists and are passionate about what we do.

We love making people smile, creating memories for our clients and families that money just can’t buy.

I understand that not everyone can shop in Waitrose BUT if you have a very special occasion and want to create the magic sauce then give me a call or send me an Email let’s see what we can cook up.