How much are your balloon arches, or do you do balloon arches are the most common questions I get asked when someone calls or messages me.

It is also a really good question to answer as there are lots of different types of balloon arches to choose from and different price ranges.

I thought therefore that I would create a balloon arch guide for you so that you know what is available, what they are called and a price guide

Here are some designs for you

Swirl Garland Arch

This is a popular design for highlighting a shop opening or on a stage or doorway arch.

They are usually made on a frame and the balloons are twisted together like a candy cane and can be used inside or outside

A starting guide is £200 but will increase in price depending upon size and complexity as we can make several patterns, include logo balloons for corporate events etc

Balloon arch
Swirl Balloon Garland

Organic Demi Arch

These are a relatively new design and have increased in popularity as you see them all the time on Instagram.

Like the word says demi, it’s a half arch again made on a frame and incorporates balloons of varying different sizes from 5” up to 36” using different types of balloons, latex, matt, shiny, foil custom made colours the list is endless.

The common denominator is that all the balloons used must be perfectly round.

These arches typically take 3 times as many balloons as a standard garland arch and a heck of a lot longer to make and put together so are priced accordingly.

You must expect to pay a minimum of £175 but if you really want the wow factor then £300 plus

Organic demi arch
Organic Demi Arch

String of Pearls Arch

This is a single line of balloons that resembles a string of pearls necklace hence the name. It is really elegant and is used to highlight brides & grooms for example at a wedding.

It can also be used over a stage for a prize giving or other celebration.

These are made using helium and as this has literally rocketed in price over the last couple of years (think the price of petrol rise on steroids) so expect to pay a minimum of £80 for an average size arch

String of Pearls Arch
String of Pearls Arch

Double Bubble or Romantic Arch

A really elegant arch that takes a lot of skill and helium to make. This is a deluxe version of the pearl arch as it is a 16” usually patterned balloon double stuffed with an 11” balloon and in a single line.

These are almost always used behind a top table at a wedding.

Expect to pay in the region of £150 plus

Romantic arch
Romantic Arch


I hope this has answered some of your questions and you now know what to ask for when you are considering balloon decor for your next event and not be shocked at the prices professional charges.

I do have lots of different variations of these arches and the best way to find out what would work at your next party give me a call on 01709 78333 or fill out my contact form.

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you