How Much Are Your Balloon Arches?

This question about how much balloon arches are is perhaps one of the most asked questions to my balloon business.

It is important to take into account the style of the balloon arch, how big the arch is, where it is going to be located (inside or outside) and the actual installation including the time the arch needs to in place for.

All these factors play a part in determining the cost of a balloon arch.

A classic spiral doorway arch can be built as economically as £200.

swirl garland balloon arch

While an organic arch the same size outside on a windy day requiring framing can exceed £500

organic balloon arch

The easy answer is, there is no easy answer.  I know that is a woolly answer to you but to someone like me a fully qualified and insured balloon artist, I must know all the factors before quoting any job.

Will the display be placed inside or outside? 

  • What it the temperature? 
  • Ceiling height?
  • How wide does it need to be? 
  • Is there a walk way or will it be against a wall? 
  • Near stairs or a fire exit? 
  • Are there usable rig points or will a structure need to be constructed for support? 
  • How long will it need to last? 
  • Air filled or helium filled? 

Different styles and locations require different inflation techniques and proper framing. 

What part of the country does the balloon arch need to be installed also plays a role in price.   

If you would like me to travel outside of the Sheffield area then you should expect to pay a delivery charge and the increase in labour costs.

I am no means the most expensive balloon artist around but I am certainly not the cheapest either.

My prices reflect the level of my qualifications and experience and like Oscar Wilde says, ‘you get what you pay for’

My advice is Free however and I am always happy to talk balloons!

Give me a call or send me an email and tell me what you are planning.