Big Balloon Build

Last week I had the absolute honour to be chosen to work on an amazing project that used 115000 balloons and 50  other world class balloon artists.

I very rarely brag about my achievements in the balloon industry I prefer to let my work do the talking but not this time as it was an amazing project to be involved with.

Part of the 50 strong team, we were briefed with creating 4 stage sets for the BMOS theatre group could perform an original production of the celebrated ballet ‘The Nutcracker’

We started work officially on Monday morning but we came together on Sunday to get a little bit of prep done. For 3 and half days, a team of 50 international balloon artists worked long long hours to create an amazing display for the people of Nechells in Birmingham

It was to raise funds for the “Free at last Charity” which support young people in Birmingham.

Hosted by the lovely Naomi Spencer we all had an amazing experience

More than 600 children enjoyed the shows over 3 days and lots of money was raised for Free At Last.

Watch the video below at the end

That’s the blurb out of the way but I want you to see the scale and the intricacies of the work we did.

When people say….’balloons are naff’ ……..” balloons are for children you can say have a look at this

It also takes a great deal of skill to be able to create balloon art like this and experience over many years. It’s not something you can learn from YouTube or buy a kit from Amazon to have a go.

So the next time you are thinking of a celebration please get in touch and ask me to design something spectacular for you.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth but it does need to look amazing.

Thank you

Big Balloon Build