Looking for a Balloon Bargain?

Everybody is looking for a bargain these days and with YouTube and good old google, everyone is also an expert. I will admit looking up on YouTube how to lace my running shoes properly as I was getting blisters when I went on my long runs ???? What’s this got to do with balloons though […]

Marshmallows and Cream or a Styrofoam cup of Hot Chocolate?

Strange question I know but its really important when you are looking for a Balloon Artist to help you create the Wow factor at your event. When you fancy a hot chocolate you have a lot of choices.You can go to a roadside food van & get pretty simple hot chocolate made with powdered chocolate […]

Organising a Prom?

PROM BALLOON DECOR Its that time of year, exams are coming to an end and lots of 16 year olds are looking forward to their prom night. Year 11 form tutors though are dreading it, just another task on top of all that marking and invigilation and most importantly teaching. All of a sudden they […]