Marshmallows and Cream or a Styrofoam cup of Hot Chocolate?

Strange question I know but its really important when you are looking for a Balloon Artist to help you create the Wow factor at your event.

When you fancy a hot chocolate you have a lot of choices.You can go to a roadside food van & get pretty simple hot chocolate made with powdered chocolate mix and hot water served in a basic Styrofoam Cup. When you’re cold and thirsty it does a job BUT when you want something a bit more special then you would seek out a more comfortable coffee shop where they serve bespoke drinks made with high-quality ingredients made by someone who has been trained to make high-quality beverages. Its also served in a china cup & you can sit down at a nice table in pleasant surroundings and enjoy the drink.

This is just like balloon decor.

You can buy a packet of balloons from the internet or supermarket & make your own displays. BUT you have to blow them up yourself either with air or helium if you want them to float.

Blowing up by air how are you going to manage that? Blowing air into each balloon with your mouth? It’s not hygenic especially now with COVID-19 & boy it is hard work.

So you decide to use helium, it can’t be that hard, can it? Where do you get the helium from? the majority of people will get a small disposable canister from the supermarket or a card shop. Two no Three problems with that

1) the helium is poor quality

2)The helium is not under pressure so in just trickles into the balloons & takes ages.

3.)You create landfill with the ‘disposable cylinder.

So let’s imagine you have blown up the balloons you then have to tie them & put a ribbon on & then arrange them.

Tying a balloon is hard work & your fingers soon become sore. You have a go at arranging them & give up, anything will do at this stage because you are running out of time, you’ve got to get ready for your party or heaven forbid you wedding

You leave the venue hoping it’s going to be OK for the Bride or birthday person.

When you get back a few hours late the balloons have all fell to the floor!

Oh No all that time money & effort for your special day to have failed

Definitely NOT the Wow factor you wanted.

So you spend a bit more & employ someone like me.

A fully qualified, insured professional with more than 28-year experience. You get a consultation in my worship, see the quality of my work, design your special day with me listening to your ideas. Match the colours for you, give you sound advice about what will & won’t work in your venue. I can even help you with sourcing other suppliers, using my 28 years experience.

You even get a coffee & a biscuit and a chat … pressure just good advice.

You then leave everything else up to me, I create the designs you chose in my workshop on the day of your event. I deliver & set up in your venue so it’s absolutely perfect when your guests walk in.

So you get a big Wow for all the right reasons

You’ve got marshmallows, cream AND sprinkles when you trust your special event to me.

Go on give me a call on 01709 789333 or email me or use our contact form,