‘Up’ Themed Wedding Balloons

I love a good theme and 18 months ago when a young lady came to me and asked if I could help with her ‘UP’ Theme wedding in 2018 I jumped at the opportunity.

What a fab theme for a balloon artist as the main ingredient is BALLOONS!

After discussing the layout of the historic Whiston Manorial Barn and agreeing on the principle that BIG will definitely be BEAUTIFUL we agreed that an organic cloud formation hung from the ceiling in the entrance for people to walk under and on the tables giant 16” colourful balloons with lights.

Fast forward more than a year and Charli- Lou came to see me along with her ‘UP Themed House’ she was going to use on the tables. Well I was absolutely amazed, they were simply beautiful. Although Charli-Lou hadn’t painted them yet, we worked how I was going to attach the balloons for the maximum effect. All we had to do now was wait for the Big Day.

I made the cloud structure using the ‘Organic Technique’ and strung glittery stars from it, it looked amazing; now to attach it to the medieval beams. This involved by cricket skills and to my surprise it went up quite easily and even though I say it myself it looked amazing.

Then to the tables. The Houses looked fantastic and so authentic. I had made the giant colourful pastel shade balloons to resemble the ‘hot air balloon effect’ Inside the balloons I put lights so that in the evening they would glow.

I think I nailed it but read what Carli-Lou and Nathan thought :-

Hi Jacqui!

Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping us to taking our wedding up to cloud nine with our ‘Up’ theme! That balloon cloud was incredible and the way you put the colours together to attach to the houses that were on the table looked so natural! I had asked our photographer to get a couple of shots of the venue but he seemed to have missed the balloon cloud out, I have attached some photos of the reception when the lights went down and it somehow became even more magical with all the lights in the balloons! You’re a magician to make balloons look so classy so thank you! I just loved that there was colour everywhere you looked!

Keep up the magic!

Charli and Nathan