Tempted by cheap prices?

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”    Oscar Wilde

I hate having to write a blog about this but the amount of desperation phone calls I get on a Saturday from Brides to Be who have been let down or something has gone very wrong with their DIY project on the biggest day of their lives is increasing exponentially.

After 27 years in the business I have never ever had as many panic phone calls as I get now. Yes, occasionally I would get a mum or groom phoning me because the balloons they had blown up the night before had all dropped to the floor and I would often go out and rescue the day at the end of my booked in jobs.

Facebook, Instagram and especially eBay have changed all that. Pretty pictures and promises of ‘oh it’s easy’ succumbs people into thinking they could save lots of money by either employing a ‘weekend warrior’ or doing it themselves.

Some people are lucky and it works out great, but the majority do not.

I have invested thousands of pounds in training and buying the best equipment and only using the finest balloons in the world and I think that being in business for 26 years speaks for itself.

I know I am not for everyone and I don’t want to be, but if you have planned your wedding for the last 2 years to the ‘n’th degree then don’t leave your wedding decorations to an amateur.

Give me a call or better still visit me at my workshop I think you will be pleasantly surprised at my prices and you will know that your wedding is in safe hands.