Organic Balloons Love them or Hate Them

Organic Balloon décor is something I am asked for more & more each week. Its totally at the other end of the spectrum to how I have decorated events for the last 27 odd years or more. I am a bit of an OCD person so straight lines, ordered shapes in fact perfection in all my work is what I strive for.
 It might look easy to just put randomly sized balloons together to make either an arch or maybe a garland, but by using the principles of design we make it harmonious and balanced. We are using balloons as the medium to create art
Organic designs take typically 3-5 times the number of balloons used in traditional designs and consequently the time spent creating the designs take at least 3 times as long.
You must, therefore, expect to pay a much higher price for Organic designs as they need to reflect the quantity of balloons used along with other mediums such as fresh flowers, greenery and even tissue. This takes much longer and as in all artistic work, time is the most expensive factor. So please don’t be dismayed when we quote a higher price than you expected as it reflects the work that goes into the designs.
What you will get is a beautifully finished design that reflects your vision and is Instagram & Pinterest worthy.
Here are a few examples for you. If you would like to see more why not make an appointment to come along to my workshop Contact