How much are your Balloons?

I understand that many people have never ordered balloons for a special occasion before and just want ‘some balloons’
As a professional for more than 28 years I understand this but I have to ask some questions to get the relevant information from you to be able to help you. Please don’t be offended its all a process, just the same as shopping for clothes.
Are you going to be wearing the item of clothes outside or on a beach?
This determines whether you need a fleece jacket or a swimsuit.
Are you going to wear the clothes to dig the garden or look glamourous at a ball?
Do you get the idea?
So here are a few things to think about before you send me an email or phone me asking ‘how much are your balloons?’
Event Date
Event Start Time
Event Colours/Theme
Venue Name
Venue Location
Inside or Outside
Please don’t be offended with the budget question this is really important as we have designs from £9.50 but the majority of our work is around £20 plus.
We are balloon artists and that’s why you are visiting my site to achieve something a little bit different.
To get the most “bang for your buck” let Jacqui at Ultimate Balloon design your event for you! Explain your event and it’s location, along with your budget, and we will suggest decor for your entire event. The more information you provide about your balloon needs the better we can assist you.
You can also download my helpful design guide here: Modern Ways To Use Balloons at Your Event