Giant Bubblegum Balloons at my Wedding


The Yorkshire war cry.

That’s what most people say when they ask how much the giant bubblegum balloons are. You’ve seen them on Pinterest, Smiley happy Brides holding the giant bubblegum balloons with their new husbands as the photographer takes that ONE photo! 
Colourful giant bubblegum balloons floating from tables with delicate tassels cascading down or the giant balloons lining the aisle in the church as you take your first steps to meet your new husband.
You really, really want them at your wedding BUT you have absolutely no idea how much they cost and are shocked somewhat when you ask that important question.
I totally get that though it’s a lot of money for 1 balloon. But did you know how much helium it takes to inflate a 3ft diameter balloon? Between 0.25cu and 0.3cuft of helium.
That’s around 25-30 x 11” balloons.
So you think I’ll go down the DIY route ……… great stuff.

Things to consider:

You buy the balloon, inflated it with helium you’ve bought from the internet and its burst……you have used up all the gas and now have to start again. Go to the shop and buy another disposable cylinder as you’ve used up all the helium in the first one.
Once its inflated you have to tie this monster balloon and attach a ribbon and a weight.
Want to copy Pinterest? then you need to add a tassel tail or beautiful tulle. Both take time and money.
Once you’ve finished creating your masterpiece you have to transport it to your venue. You will need a van as a 3ft balloon won’t fit in a family car and can you get it through your front door?
Lots of things to consider and factor in….now do you think ‘How Much’ OR ‘Wow That’s fabulous’
That’s what my clients say to me have a look……

Thank you, Jacqui, for our fab balloons on our wedding day at Hotel van Dyk. Looked absolutely amazing in the ceremony and we got some fab photos with them afterwards too!! Massive hit with the adults and kids alike!! Would defo recommend you to others and use you for other events*****

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