Christening Balloons

Christening Celebration Balloons

I have such a varied balloon business. I literally cater from the cradle to the grave. One of the most special occasions is welcoming a new baby into the world with a Christening celebration.

Christenings are a special occasion bringing families together to celebrate the christening of a new baby.

Styles of christening balloons

Baby boy or baby girl very popular at the moment are large clear balloons with baby pink or baby blue feathers inside. Complement this with a baby themed tassel decoration and how lovely is that. To make things extra special we can write baby’s name on the balloon too.

Writing baby’s name in large 4ft letters and making an arch for the cake table is also a great idea.

The beauty of the bubble balloons is that they last such a long time almost 3 weeks and are pretty indestructible so perfect for boisterous children!


It also means you can collect them from my workshop the Friday before the christening if you didn’t want me to come and decorate the whole event for you. It also means you can just have 1 balloon if you so wish.


I have lots of ideas for christening decorations, from basic pearlised latex balloons made into a simple arch, giant 3ft balloons filled with baby blue or baby pink confetti. It’s also possible to have latex balloons with ‘christening day’ pre-printed on them. Or how about giant 3ft heart balloons personalised with baby’s name and christening date. This is something you would be able to keep once it’s gone down and keep it in baby’s memories book.

If you have a christening or naming ceremony that you would like some help with, even if you only want 1 special balloon then please get in touch call me on 10709 789333 or email here