Tips for Organising a Baby Shower

Baby Shower 

Baby showers are growing in popularity and I am getting quite a lot of phone calls and email enquiries for help in decorating baby shower parties, so is there something in the water of South Yorkshire?

What is a Baby Shower

After a bit of research, I have found that baby showers are not really a new phenomenon. In ancient Egypt, the celebration took place after the birth when a celebration was in order to purify the mother and baby and celebrate new life. Even during the Victorian era after the birth and everything was well with mum & baby, then a special tea would be held for her complete with lovely china and silver, and gifts presented to the baby. These were known as showers and baby gifts were given. Fast forward a hundred years and like all progress, everything becomes bigger and better so we now have the present day baby showers.

Who Does The Organising?

A baby shower is a great way of getting all your friends together a few weeks before the birth to celebrate with you and exchange practical gifts for the new baby. It’s usually a good friend of the mum to be who organizes the baby shower for the mum to be

What Do We Offer

I do have lots of ideas for baby shower decorations, from the latest organic craze on Pinterest to basic balloon bouquets of 3 balloons.

We can create arches for the present table, balloons inside balloons with a welcome baby. Giant pink or blue balloons with handmade tassels always look spectacular. Lovely smiley stars welcome your little star to your family. I have also made rattles and dummies and everything in-between. Bring me your idea let’s see if I can make it for you

Gender Reveal Parties

I am also asked a lot about ‘gender reveal’ parties. Do I do the ‘great big question mark balloons?’

The answer is yes I do but the greatest barrier is the cost. Helium is costly to fill a 3ft balloon takes .4249cu m of helium. A large disposable tank has .42cu m in it so you would only get 1 large balloon from that. The cost of a disposable cylinder is anything from £20-30 depending on where you get it from.

I charge £25 for my gender reveal balloons which include the balloon mini balloons inside and me inflating it for you. Value for money I think.

If you are thinking of organising a Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party please get in touch and let’s see what we can create for you. I can be contacted by phone 01709 789333 or you can email me here: