50 years The Moon Landing


As a child growing up in the ’60s & 70’s I was excited by Space and the Moon Landings. It might seem a bit old hat now, but I remember sitting in front of my Nana’s colour TV (she was the only person that had one then) and being mesmerised by Neil Armstrong walking on the moon on 20th July 1969. It will be 50 years in the summer and with the Disney expected to release some new films on this theme it’s going to be very popular over the next couple of years.

When I visited the Spring Fair this year I was really taken with some of the space designs on The Qualatex stand. Using the ever-popular ‘organic’ style the staff had created a balloon wall backdrop with a great balloon rocket taking off.

I am getting used to seeing and creating lots more organic styles and I hope that you enjoy the photos. If you know of anyone who is organising a birthday or a corporate event to celebrate 50 years of moon landings please get in touch.